International Relations (English)

Students at Bromangymnasiet can participate in international projects and exchanges. Students can apply for Work Placement Abroad, language exchanges and study visits.

International Relations and Activities

In our international activities, students and staff have the opportunity to gain experience of other people, cultures, conditions and languages across Europe. Students and staff can build their own international network for leisure, studies and work. Examples of partner countries are England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Spain, Italy, Poland and Germany.

Work Placement Abroad (Workplace-based Learning)

Work Placement Abroad is open to students in vocational training and education. At present the following vocational pathways: building and construction; electricity and energy; vehicle and transport; business and administration; hotel and tourism; industrial technology; restaurant management and food; health and social care, special school. Approximately 130 students do Work Placement Abroad per year.

Summer Work Placement Abroad, between year 2 and 3

Some 50 students do work placement per year for three to four weeks.

Language Exchanges

For students who study modern languages i.e. Spanish, French and Italian.

International collaboration projects

Students in pathways, aka programmes, that participate in international collaboration projects partake in the project activities and can apply for participation in activities abroad.

What students do to participate

Students are welcome to speak either to their teachers. They can also contact the International Liaison Manager directly.